11 December 2017  

Masjid Assunnah


  • Park your vehicle in the designated parking spaces (no double parking, no parking behind neighbor’s stores) violators will be towed at owner’s expense. No overnight parking allowed without prior approval from Shura members.
  • Overnight stay in the masjid is not allowed without prior approval from Shura members.
  • No advertising materials (flyers, business cards… etc) shall be placed inside masjid or dropped off without prior approval from Shura members
  • Please place your shoes in the racks provided.
  • Please help keep masjid premises clean at all times.
  • Photography/video is not allowed inside the masjid premises.
  • Only authorized persons are allowed to use masjid microphone, sound system and computer.
  • Only authorized persons are allowed inside kitchen and office.
  • Do not take masjids library books home with you.
  • Do not bring any literature/books without Imam and/or Shura members’ approval.
  • Boys over 10 years old of age are not allowed inside Sisters Mussala, they need to be with the men during lessons and prayers.
  • It’s the Parents/Guardians responsibility to keep close watch on their children, keep them safe, make sure the children do not disturb others during prayers/lessons and prevent the children from damaging the masjid properties.
  • Masjid assunnah is not liable and/or responsible for children left unattended outside the masjid and surrounding properties.
  • If you have any disagreement with the masjid rules & regulations please feel free to write your comments or suggestions and drop it in the suggestions box located inside the masjid.


Prayer Times

Jumuah Prayer: 1:30 PM

Prayer Times in Masjid

Fajr 6:20
Dhuhr 1:00
Asr 4:00
Maghrib 10 min after Adhan
Isha 7:00

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Quran Verse

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10|100|وما كان لنفس أن تؤمن إلا بإذن الله ويجعل الرجس على الذين لا يعقلون

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