18 August 2017  

Fasting six days of Shawwaal after the obligatory fast of Ramadaan is Sunnah Mustahabbah, not waajib. It is recommended for the Muslim to fast six days of Shawwaal, and in this there is great virtue and an immense reward.


Eid Ul-Fitr is tomorrow Sunday 06/25/2017.

The prayer will start at 8:30 a.m. sharp.

The prayer in the park will depend Inshaa Allah on the weather. Please check with the Masjid the night before the Eid. The park is located off Highway 417 and Narcoossee Road at the end of Moss Park Road as shown on the map below. Further Information, please call the Masjid at 407.935.0337

For directions, please use the map below:

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Sunnah’s of Eid

1. It is Sunnah to dress in the best clothes we have on Eid.


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Prayer Times

Jumuah Prayer: 1:30 PM

Prayer Times in Masjid

Fajr 6:10
Dhuhr 2:00
Asr 5:30
Maghrib 10 min after Adhan
Isha 9:20

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Quran Verse

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23|51|يا أيها الرسل كلوا من الطيبات واعملوا صالحا إني بما تعملون عليم

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